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37th Singapore-Malaysia Joint Meeting in Ophthalmology

Academia, Singapore General Hospital Campus
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19th January, 2024

15:35 – 17:35

Academia, Singapore


Dr. Jacob Cheng, MD

Director of Retina Services of Eagle Eye Centre
and Visiting Consultant at the Singapore
National Eye Centre (SNEC) (Singapore)

Dr. Kelvin Teo, MBBS, PhD

Consultant Medical Retina Service, Singapore
National Eye Centre Asst Professor,
Duke NUS Ophthalmology ACP (Singapore)


  1. New Horizons of Fundus Imaging with NW500 (Dr. Jacob Cheng, MD)
  2. Imaging of the Retina and Choroid with Triton Plus OCT (Dr. Kelvin Teo, MBBS, PhD)

Featuring small group interaction with imaging experts, attendees will get the chance to learn practical tips and tricks on:

  • Additional functions available on commercial platforms that you may not be familiar with
  • Pitfalls when acquiring and interpreting images
  • Practical tips on artefact removal, segmentation adjustment and interpretation